Map of local walks (downloadable)

There are many options for walking around Sea Breeze.

The map above shows the following walks with their googlemap link to the destination.

Sea Breeze Chalets is located here -> https://goo.gl/maps/XLGAHn6aubKoFia8A

GREEN route to the Ngilgi Cave https://goo.gl/maps/adVLvkn1T3uaJvtG6 This is a lovely walk where you walk along the stream that runs toward Ngilgi cave and finally out to Yallingup. The stream only runs after rains.

RED route to Caves House Hotel https://goo.gl/maps/okMpSzGicCDbF88S9

YELLOW route to Yallingup and Rabbits carpark. This is a difficult walk as there is no track from the top of the hill down to the carpark. https://goo.gl/maps/Nzwi795Y5ZEJ5rQc6

ORANGE route to a lookout on Mt Duckworth https://goo.gl/maps/Q1jFJErCcmLBvjcw8




For those using W3W (What 3 Words) https://what3words.com

SeaBreeze Chalets is located here: https://w3w.co/ears.princesses.unpack

Ngilgi Cave here https://w3w.co/love.symphonies.somehow

and Caves House here https://w3w.co/kilt.cases.alphabets