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Here are a few pics to give you some ideas of what to do.
SeaBreezeChalets Yallingup Rigged for beach
Visit the beach…

SeaBreezeChalets Yallingup -Local Law
Obey the Law…

Meelup by Jamie Scott Images
Visit some amazing beaches like Meelup and remember them with a framed photo from
Jamie Scott Images

Book a tour with Vino Culture


Luxury Tours with Vino Culture

SeaBreezeChalets Yallingup - Hot Chocolatte Dunsborough

Visit Hot Chocolatte

SeaBreezeChalets Yallingup Mirravale Riding (2)

Go horseriding at Mirravale Riding School

SeaBreezeChalets Yallingup - Mum and Son
Meet Mum, Dad and the kids

SeaBreezeChalets Yallingup - Back from the pool
Walk back from the pool

SeaBreezeChalets Yallingup - Sugarloaf
Check out the coast

Check your oil levels at Petra Olives

Andy's pic for web                                     And for milk, the papers, brilliant burgers, coffee and great cakes…

Caves Park Store – Yallingup Store – Andy’s  

16 Yallingup Beach Road, just next to…

Caves House Cellars

Caves House Cellars & Liquor Store

18 Yallingup Beach Road


Caves Park Cellars – Yallingup   

Visit Geograph Bay Visitor Centre for more ideas!
Dunsborough Visitors Center

The amazing drone footage on our site came from Andy McGregor.
his website is

Corrynne’s Soaps
The guest soap we provide is from Corrynne’s.
86 Commonage Road Dunsborough
Just along Caves Rd toward Yallingup, 5 min by car or 20 min walk through the bush is Ngilgi Cave.

Or if you are looking for somewhere a little smaller and close by

Big Sky View is located just a 5 min. drive away.

Sleeps 4 on a 5 acre property.