Extra house guest

Mrs Phasco… Sea Breeze Chalets were completed in August 2015. whilst in the construction phase we were very conscious about keeping the house vermin proof. as field mice, possums and even foxes and feral cats all inhabit the surrounding forest, we attempted to make the house animal proof. Well, unfortunately we missed a few spots.. Luckily we closed up all of the possum sized holes. Other homes in the area have had ongoing possum problems for years, and we have […]

Solar a winner at Sea Breeze Chalets

A solar bragging post this time. Here is Alex from Solvation just finishing off the instal back in Jan 2015. It is only a small 2kW system but it is all that was needed to hopefully make us grid demand neutral. Since the system was installed, I have been keeping a fairly close eye on the system, watching the numbers tick up faster than the grid supplied meter. Well, here is the proof it was a good decision in the […]

Sunrise on Yallingup Beach

How long since you have seen the Sun rise? There is almost nothing better than waking before dawn, in the crisp twilight, chucking on the board shorts and heading down to the beach.  No one else was stirring, all sleeping in, no school or work today. Yallingup is about 5 min away from the Chalet by car. One day they will put a bike path through… Just about all of the drive there is through beautiful National Park and one […]